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Magyar Radiológusok Társasága

Society of Hungarian Radiologists

Leading organs
The Hungarian Society of Radiologists
(Magyar Radiológusok Társasága - MRT
- in hungarian)
founded in 1922, is the scientific association which gathers the majority of the hungarian radiologists. It numbers 1,022 members (at the end of October 2013).

The Hungarian Society of Radiologists main purposes:

  • To favour the progress of Diagnostic Imaging by promoting studies and researches regarding its physical, biological, radiation-protectioning and clinical aspects
  • To stimulate the cultural and professional up-dating of its members by developing education and research projects and supporting scientific meetings and seminars
  • To promote any intiative intended to enhance its members' professionality and to improve the efficacy of Radiology in the health system
  • co-ordination, promotion and organisation of the basic and applied scientific work of radiologists;
  • to provide a forum for the Hungarian radiologists to state their scientific results and to promote effective exchange of information and experiences;
  • to cultivate national and international relations;
  • to safeguard the interests of its members and those of the science of radiology within the range of possibility of the association;
  • to publish the knowledge and scientific results of the science of radiology

The Society organizes the biennial National Congress,
Courses and Scientific meetings, scholarships and research awards.
The Society is composed of Scientific Sections:

Advantages of becoming member of MRT:

  • free subscription to the society's journal, Hungarian Radiology (Magyar Radiológia)
  • free enrolment or reducted fees for Courses and Scientific Meeting supported by MRT


Prof. Dr. Viktor Bérczi

Secretary General:
Dr. Erika Riedl

Dr. Zsuzsanna Kis

Main editor (Journal of Hungarian Radiology): Prof. Dr. András Palkó

WebDoctor: Dr. Péter Bágyi

College of Radiologists

In Hungary, each of the clinical discipline has its own professional college. These boards are on the one hand acting as advisory boards of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund, and on the other hand they are the leading expert bodies responsible for many different professional aspects of their specialty.
The College of Radiologists consists of 21, partly elected, partly delegated, members who elect the secretary and the subcommittee chairpersons and members, respectively.
Subcommittees take care of different subspecialty areas such as interventional, pediatric, digital radiology, neuroradiology, management of radiology, training and research in radiology, etc. Usually, the Ministry of Health appoints one of the chairpersons of the four university radiology departments president of the college.
The objectives of the college are decided by the health authorities, but the body may also select tasks for itself. The main goals of the college are as follows:
– to create professional guidelines, protocols, therapeutic and diagnostic algorithms;
– to evaluate and improve financing of radiology;
– to advise the health authorities in respect of legislation and other decisions affecting our specialty;
– to regulate comprehensive specialty training of radiology residents;
– to organize and control postgraduate training of radiologists;
– to create and maintain connections and cooperation between the College of Radiologists and Colleges of other specialties;
– to cooperate with other expert advisory bodies of the health authorities;
– to make strategic decisions regarding distribution and deployment of major radiology equipment;
– to evaluate applications for Head-of-the-Department positions;
– to create and control technological and technical standards for procedures of radiology with special respect to radiation safety.
The President of the College reports on activities and results achieved in a given period to the Ministry of Health. Similarly, he or she is supposed to give account on events of the year to the community of radiologists as well, thus each member of the college may form an opinion on recent developments and give proposals on further activities to the body.

Dr. István Battyáni Ph.D, president of the College of Radiologists

(Dr. István Battyáni Ph.D, professor of radiology, director of Radiology Clinic, Pécs University, Faculty of General Medicine, Pécs)